Breathing Rarefied Air

E was at a sleepover at the grandparents and on a sunny weekend I got a glimpse of life with 1 neuro-typical child. We had a lazy morning that flowed into a spontaneous afternoon of wandering down the main street of our neighbourhood. We stopped at parks, played at playgrounds, ate by the slice pizza, told stories on benches, read books in a bookstore, watched my husband get a haircut and generally just had no plan. It was such a nice change. Life with our boy requires plans, front loading about those plans, making space for tantrums when those plans don’t go as expected and always LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Family outings can be loud, stressful affairs. Our little M is our fun-loving, wheres-the-party girl. She wakes up and asks “what we do today?” and almost no matter what the answer is, she will say “I want to do that!” and if she’s not having fun, she will find something to play with and make her own fun. This attitude worries me for her future teenage self, but is awesome now and is a great balance to E, our planner, detail guy, and perfectionist. It was nice to mix it up, get time with just 1 child and experience different dynamics. It felt like I was breathing rarefied air in a different atmosphere. Is this what it’s like for other parents?! I used to feel bad for feeling this way, for having an easier time with one child than the other. But now I just enjoy it when I can.

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