I haven’t written in a long while. My son asked me late last year to refrain from talking about his autism with others. He wants to be in charge of sharing that part of himself with others and I fully support him in his decision.

This however put me in a tight spot with my blog, who’s url is lifewithasd.ca. How can i write about parenting a child with ASD without talking about his ASD? I have been wracking my brain trying to think of a loophole for months, but still haven’t got a clue. I don’t want to stop blogging. I have had feedback that it has helped people think of ASD from a different perspective and it has helped parents of ASD kids feel validated and less alone. I don’t want to stop that, that’s good work! Yesterday, a friend reached out to me for advice on the assessment process and I was reminded how frustrating and isolating an experience that was for me. I don’t want other people to feel that way. I want them to have someone to talk to or a place to come to read about similar experiences. I want them to have a place to be able to ask questions without shame or judgement. I still believe this could be that place. So maybe that’s what this will be – a place to detail my experience of assessment, less focussed on my child and more on my personal experience of this process and this system? I’m not going to give up yet, that’s for sure.

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